About Nick Yates

Nick Yates

Nick Yates is an industry leading professional who has led numerous technological advancements in order to turn his dreams of simple, health food vending into reality.

As the Chairman of Generation NEXT Franchise Brands , Nick is at the helm of some of the most significant innovations in food vending. The public company has earned acclaim thanks to its three revolutionary concepts: Fresh Healthy Vending LLC, Reis and Irvy’s LLC, and 19 Degrees.

Reis and Irvy’s LLC in particular has made waves not just within the food industry, but within the tech industry in general, thanks to its groundbreaking “Froyo Kiosk.” The kiosk is the first fully automated frozen yogurt robot vending machine to ever hit the market. Its creation was based off a simple fact that had held the industry back for years: frozen yogurt seemed messy by nature. Self-serve stations frequently resulted in spillage, waste, and overall high maintenance. Why not help providers and consumers alike by providing an alternative that was neater, more tech-savvy, and entertaining?

Nick along with the Reis and Irvy’s team provided their answer to this dilemma with the Froyo Robot. It has a patented design, allowing for a truly unique experience as customers are served their choice of nine flavors and six toppings by a robot. The self-manned robot can dole out up to sixty servings in an hour. The kiosk has been highlighted in the press as groundbreaking, high tech innovation, leading the way for the future of frozen yogurt.


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